JD’s Market Inc., is a family business for groceries and produce established in the year of 2000, focusing on serving the community of North Seattle since back then. The business core priority is to provide our community in North Seattle and surrounded areas with the best possible groceries, fresh meat, and all variety of spices, herbal tea and spices, and organic vegetables and fruits from all over United States and overseas. The business during the last few years became one of the most popular places offering specialized spices from India and Pakistan and East Asia’s countries, fresh halal meat and seafood, all organic and non-organic produce from California and Mexico, various American, African, and Mexican groceries which are hard to find around the area.

Business Mission

JD’s Market Inc,. focuses on carrying each mission, vision and values for super groceries’ stores, our unique products which are provided from all over the world, and our shopping experience have been built by both customers’ experience, recommendation, and management efforts which is representing the business on its current picture, and not yet, the business financial and management future plans are  continuing to serve the community in other different areas inside Seattle and exporting its own specialized products from overseas. We are at JD’s Market Inc., trying hard to build customers loyalty through providing familiar environment, friendly shopping experience, and building solid relationships with our atmosphere and employees.

JD’s Market Inc,. on its business growing process has been attractive shopping center for the different ethnic community live around Seattle area, has been awarded various certificates of award and letters of recommendation from School District and different community members according to the roll that’s playing in serving and helping the community to find its basic daily consumption needs from fresh produce and meat products, and through participation in community fund raising and community varied events

Our Valuable Team Members

Mohamed J. Sardar – Owner

“We don’t own anything, we are owned by our customers, we grow as long as our customers’ loyalty grows”.
25 years of commitment to serve community through a lot of challenges to provide demanded fresh and organic produce.

Raja J. Akhter – Owner

“Visit us, name your produce, you will get it”
Fun is the medicine of challenges and hard times; mix them to come up with the best service according to Raja’s philosophy. Raja committed to community that our efforts will be to serve you, and provide you with the best service to the extent that feel as if you own us.

Mohamed Elshabik – Manager

“Management is a key to achieving success by building strong and stable management ideas; it’s nothing more than to take the right decision and motivating customers and employees”. Said Mr. Elshabik
An MBA in finance holder, athletic, and wonderful music player, with 15 years experience in accounting and finance. He helped the business to grow fast through strong interpersonal skills and management efforts.


JD’s Market Inc, is an equal opportunity environment, our employees are part of the business family, they are expecting exciting opportunities, personal and career growth, and friendly and supportive growth. Great open workplace with a lot of fun and focused on ethics and respect.

Return Policy

3 days from the date of purchase
Cash will be refunded cash
Debit refund will be refunded to same card
Credit may offered instead of refund in certain cases.
merchandise can’t be returned without original receipt
Merchandise will not be returned after three days of date of purchase specially produce and perishable items.